Following pro-Khalistani groups’ move to play with the idea of India, several questions are being asked on issues related to farmers' protest

Have pro-Khalistan groups upped their game to disrupt law and order and create an atmosphere of unrest and mayhem within India? What message do they want to send by reportedly unfurling the Bhindranwale flag at a ‘Chakka Jam’ protest in Ludhiana in Punjab and threatening farm laws backers in Canada? With this, a fundamental question is also being asked as who is funding these protests?

A conspiracy to undermine sovereignty of the country came to light when on India’s 72nd Republic Day, a tractor rally organized by farmers entered the iconic Red Fort in Delhi and hoisted a religious flag. The subsequent weeks following the Republic Day violence in which 400 police personnel were injured, confirmed a systematic orchestration of Khalistani groups in anti-India activities.

Social media posts by American celebrity singer Rihanna and activist Greta Thunberg supporting the protesting farmers in India have led to closely watching the role of Canada-based pro-Khalistani Mo Dhaliwal.

Indian investigation agencies are looking at the motive behind Rihanna’s and Thunberg’s posts and their links with Mo Dhaliwal.

Thunberg also shared a toolkit- ‘Farmers Protests in India’ which revealed a conspiracy to disrupt law and order and malign India’s image. Thunberg, on being exposed later, deleted the toolkit that she had shared earlier.

Moreover, the toolkit shared by Thunberg exposed the pre-mediated and well-planned orchestration of violence by pro-Khalistani groups on the Republic Day in India and targeting Indian missions abroad.

On the day when the protesting farmers laid siege on the Red Fort, rallies spearheaded by pro-Khalistani groups protested outside the Indian Embassy in Washington DC. The protest was hosted by the Sikh DMV Youth Sangat.

Similar protests were also held outside Indian missions in Canada. Over the last week, pro-Khalistani groups have organized rallies outside Indian missions in the UK and Italy.

Indian agencies are investigating allegations that the American pop-star was paid $2.5 million by Dhaliwal who is also the director of a public relations firm named Skyrocket, for tweeting in support of farmers’ protest.

Questions are also being asked on the role of a Canadian lawmaker who had lauded Rihana’s tweet; he was embroiled in a controversy regarding his participation in a 2015 rally in the US where a poster of Bhindranwale was put up.

The events lead up to pose a threat to India’s security as it gives groups such as Peace for Justice and their supporters an opportunity to revive their violent struggle for a separate Khalistan.

Pakistan that has supported the creation of Khalistan, has reportedly activated 400 twitter handles running anti-India propaganda. Khalistani separatist groups have also been in touch with militant outfits in Kashmir to form an anti-India axis.

It is time to remind the world that the farmers issue is India’s internal matter and it is for the citizens and the government to decide on it. Also, it is an opportune moment for India to stand united to rebuff any machination to undermine its sovereignty, a message clearly sent to the international community by Prime Minister Narendra Modi that “India won’t let conspiracies win”.