The Ministry of Defence signs a contract with Tata Power for modernisation of airfields, which will inturn, provide impetus to the domestic industry in the prevailing situation

In a move that could give boost to employment generation and infuse the much needed capital in the market, the Ministry of Defence, under its Modernization of AirField Infrastructure (MAFI) programme, signed a contract for the up-gradation of 37 airfields for Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard with Tata Power SED (TPSED) at a cost of nearly Rs 1,200 crore here on Friday.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Defence, the project is a turnkey project that includes installation and commissioning of modern airfield equipment like Cat-II Instrument Landing System (ILS) and Cat II AirField Lightning System (AFLS) and others.

The modern equipment around the airfield will also be directly connected to Air Traffic Control (ATC), thereby providing excellent control of the airfield systems to the air traffic controllers.

“The up-gradation of navigational aids and infrastructure under this project would enhance the operational capability by facilitating air operations of military and civil aircrafts even in poor visibility and adverse weather conditions while enhancing aerospace safety,” the Ministry of Defence said in its statement.

The MAFI Phase-II is a follow-on programme based on MAFI Phase-I that included upgradation of 30 airfields of IAF. The airfields modernised under MAFI Phase-I have been of immense benefit to both military and civil users.

The contract will provide impetus to the domestic industry in the prevailing situation. The project will give a boost to over 250 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises which will be directly benefited from being involved in execution of various activities of this project.

This contract would aid in infusing the much needed capital in the market and boost employment generation in such fields as communications, avionics, information technology, apart from civil and electrical equipment and construction.